Deven Spear, Chief Innovation Officer of Overabove

Deven Spear is the Chief Innovation Officer of Overabove, a marketing and communications firm in Essex, CT.

Deven is a serial entrepreneur founding six companies. Many of the businesses focused on technology, marketing and sales solutions. Ranging from small operations to Fortune 500 organizations. Working on custom application development and customer relationship management systems spurred Deven to think of using data to orchestrate customer experiences and advance an entirely new generation of customer engagement.

Deven’s focus is acutely attuned toward a single goal: helping clients capitalize on technology-driven marketing to educate, engage and delight their customers. And once a part of the school community, enabling schools to maintain on-going relationships with alumni through regular and relevant communications. In the world of education, where school choice is becoming more common, it has become more critical than ever for institutions to outsmart their competition.