Elonide Semmes, President, Right Hat

Elonide Semmes is a nationally recognized authority on branding for schools and professional service organizations. She has more than 30 years of experience creating memorable marketing and communications programs. Since she founded Right Hat in 2002, the agency has won more than 50 branding awards. More important, her work has measurably increased her clients’ visibility, reputations and advancement opportunities.

Elonide is a passionate consumer of educational services. She has invested in independent school educations for six children at 10 different schools in New York, Washington, DC and Portland, Maine. She knows first-hand that not every school fits every child, and is committed to helping each school express who it is in language that resonates with non-academics. 

Her approach is simple—outstanding creative execution driven by research and a deep understanding of what parents look for in a school. She helps schools identify what they do best, where competitors are staking their ground and how community perceptions (even if wrong) may be hindering their efforts.

Elonide believes that a love of learning is the foundation of a meaningful life. She is proud to work with the schools that teach this important lesson every day.