John Visgilio, Principal and Co-founder of Overabove

John Visgilio is Principal and Co-founder of Overabove, a marketing and communications firm in Essex, CT.

John didn’t come from the ivory tower of the traditional agency world. He came from news, where he uncovered compelling stories that broke through. So he thinks differently about just about everything: strategy, collaboration, results, you name it. That’s why he created a different kind of agency. One that uses traditional and new media in ways other agencies don’t understand.

To drive enrollment and development, schools need to differentiate themselves from the competition. From private secondary to public post-secondary schools, Overabove does just that. Academia, however, is not all we do. Overabove clients live in diverse worlds, including travel & leisure, financial services and healthcare. John uses the discipline he’s gained from working in these competitive categories to help Overabove education clients outsmart and outperform their peer schools.