Nicole A. DuFauchard

Head of School

Advent School

Nicole A. DuFauchard has been the Head of School of the Advent School in Boston, MA since 2013. Prior to her time at the Advent School, she served as the Director of Multicultural Affairs at Providence Day School in Charlotte, NC. As a military child, Nicole has a deep commitment to understanding “other” and has spent the last 20 years exploring equity and access in education. She has hosted an annual Civil Rights Tour for Independent Schools and is a member of the National Association of Multicultural Educators.

Nicole is a faculty member for the National Association of Independent School's Diversity Leadership Institute, an AISNE Board Member, the Elementary School Heads' Association Membership Committee Member on Diversity, the ESHA Annual Conference Chair for 2016 and a Partner for the Planning Committee for the 2017 Progressive Educators Network Annual Conference. Nicole lives in Boston with her husband Ray and her 8 year-old Raymond.