Sarah Huckman

Sarah is like most of her classmates: When she’s not studying, she enjoys spending time with her friends and participating on her high school’s track, Nordic skiing, and cross country teams. Sarah also dedicates a great deal of her time advocating for the rights of transgender Granite Staters like herself. She and her parents have been featured in state and national press, and are often invited to speak about the importance of protecting transgender youth from discrimination. 

Sarah officially came out as transgender in the 7th grade. Since then, the Huckman’s have worked with school officials to ensure she can use the restroom that matches her gender identity. They have also fought against policies that prohibited transgender students, including Sarah, from participating in the sports that match her gender identity. Most recently. the Huckmans spent time advocating for the passage of legislation that would explicitly extend New Hampshire’s nondiscrimination protections in housing, employment and public services to transgender people.