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Academic Dean

Position Description: 

Kents Hill School, a vibrant and diverse 9-PG boarding and day school is looking for a talented and forward thinking academic leader to join the Senior Leadership Team of the School. Kents Hill is poised to rethink what it means to be “college preparatory” and reimagine an outdated curriculum. It is an exciting time for Kents Hill as it approaches its bicentennial. The Academic Dean is responsible for all aspects of the academic program and will work closely with the Dean of Faculty and Director of the Learning Center to provide outstanding learning opportunities for all members of the community. The Academic Dean will report to the Head of School.

If you are interested in applying for the position, please answer the following questions so we can better understand if you will be a great fit for our senior team. Once the questions are reviewed, finalists will be asked to provide a resume and references prior to their campus visit.

  1. Describe one curricular innovation you have enacted, or one you would like to try.
  2. Kents Hill currently offers AP classes and they are reviewing them to determine if they should make any changes. From your view as the Academic Dean would you advise: continue to offer AP; offer a different external curriculum (IB for example); or move to a fully internally moderated curriculum? Why?
  3. There is a movement amongst independent schools to move toward the Mastery Transcript. Please share your views on the Mastery Transcript. From your viewpoint would you recommend being an early adopter or taking a “wait and see” attitude?
  4. How would people describe you as a leader in three words? In three words, how would you describe yourself as a team member?

To be considered, email your answers to the above questions to Amy Wing, Assistant to the Head of School:

Learn more about Kents Hill by viewing our Electronic Viewbook here!

Kents Hill School does not discriminate on the basis of an applicant’s race, color, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, age or any other characteristic protected by law.

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Kents Hill
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To be considered, email your answers to the above questions to Amy Wing, Assistant to the Head of School: