“Leaders are born not made - ISANNE may beg to differ”

After a twelve plus hour day, I am back in my dorm room to reflect on the hard work my cohorts and I were a part of today.  The day was long, the work difficult; yet fabulous and insightful. What has remained with me right now is what Phillip Peck just finished up with and that is that all of the competencies needed in being a good leader are skills that can be learned, worked on and improved upon. This is refreshing to me after a day of being indecisive as to whether this was actually a good path for me. 

Understanding Yourself and Those Around You...

The morning of the second day began with Jodi McGary’s session entitled, “Understanding Yourself and Those Around You.” During this session, we had the opportunity to develop a basic understanding of the Myers-Briggs personality types and most importantly, learn about our individual types. One of the things that really struck me throughout these discussions, was the importance and even necessity for effective leaders to build a team that represents varied personality types.

The difference between leadership and management...

Here we are, starting our long awaiting session for the leaders. I am looking forward to challenges and collaborative work with all the participants; networking and learning from our mentors; exploring my personal and professional capabilities. It sounds like the week is loaded with very interesting topics and indeed, our first presenter dug into the most stimulating areas of our business, such as ethical, philosophical, team work and leadership styles.

"Every serve does not deserve a return"

One year ago I was named the Director of Academics at my school. After 24 years happily teaching high school math I hadn’t planned on having my career take such an unexpected turn. It was an exhausting, challenging, and gratifying year. I expect this professional development opportunity with ISANNELEADS to give me the tools to make year two lean more toward the gratifying and less toward exhausting! One of today’s lessons that will make a difference is “every serve does not deserve a return.”

Expect the unexpected...

When I arrived at ISANNELEADS today, I had two choices for my blog post:  I could submit my writing today or Friday; I have not received my Meyers-Briggs results yet, but I am going to go ahead and guess that I am going to fall into the “judging” category since I prefer to work ahead of deadlines.

What's Next?

During the four hour drive to the Tilton school I wondered what the agenda for ISANNEleads would look like. As a schedule-oriented person, I was apprehensive about a five day trip with no pre-set agenda that I could peruse and ponder over. Admin and colleagues who are ISANNEleads alum just kept telling me I’d have a great time, but wouldn’t really give me any true details. But as soon as I settled in I looked around and realized that it doesn’t matter what is on the agenda— it will all be marvelous and valuable. 

Jennifer S. Groff, Ed.M.

Jennifer is an educational engineer, researcher and designer, whose work focuses on redesigning learning experiences and environments through innovations, technologies and systems design. Currently, she is a doctoral student at the MIT Media Lab and the MIT Education Arcade and the co-founder of the Center for Curriculum Redesign—an international NGO dedicated to redesigning the general curricula for the 21st century.

Suzanne Fox

Suzanne Fox
President & Founder, Fox Intercultural Consulting

Edward P. Clapp, Ed. D.

Edward P. Clapp, Ed. D.

Edward P. Clapp, Ed. D.

Edward P. Clapp, Ed. D.


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