"Real learning does not happen until students are brought into relationship with the teacher, with each other and with the subject. We cannot learn deeply and well until a community of learning is created"

We in the Independent Schools Association of Northern New England believe that there is no purpose more worthy or essential than educating our children. In a day and age of voluminous quantities of information and imagery being rapidly disseminated, in a time when the pace of change is often dizzying, it is absolutely necessary that schools devote careful, personal attention to their students and accept the responsibility for developing values in their hearts as well as capabilities in their minds. We believe that an independent school is the right setting for such efforts, and we are confident that you - parents of young people - will find the right independent school among the variety of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont schools presented in this Directory.

We are a diverse group - day and boarding, suburban and rural, prestigious college preparatory and institutions with specialties from learning disabilities and emotional support to skiing and outdoor education. Diverse as we are, however, we share a commitment to helping each student find and express the best and most fulfilling in his or her nature -academically, physically, socially, ethically.

Living and Learning

The mountain towns and coastal cities of Northern New England provide the perfect environment for living and learning. The schools' beautiful settings encourage students to discover the outdoors through numerous athletic and other planned activities. The peacefulness and serenity of the campuses help students develop a true appreciation of nature and learn more about themselves along the way.

Both in an out of the classroom, close student and faculty interaction enriches each student's experience. Small class sizes - averaging 10 to 12 at most of these schools - ensure students receive the individual attention they need.

Academic Programs

The independent schools of Northern New England offer strong academic programs geared to the specific needs of your child, whether he or she is extremely independent or needs individualized attention. Programs are offered for underachievers, high achievers, and average to above-average learners. You can select a school that specializes in programs for students with different learning styles, strong interests in the creative arts, math and science, or the humanities. English as a Second Language programs are available for international students. Postgraduate programs further prepare students for the college of their choice. Summer programs present special learning experienced during June, July and August.

Extracurricular Activities

Outside the classroom, students at Northern New England independent schools are encouraged - and at many schools required - to participate in extracurricular programs including the fine arts, theater and dance; organizations such as the photography club, computer club, school newspaper and yearbook; as well as community service and leadership training. Most of the independent schools of the North Country offer a range of interscholastic and intramural sports. Basketball, football, soccer, rugby, volleyball, softball, baseball, hockey, track and wrestling are just some of the sports in which students can participate.

Most schools offer outdoor education programs which teach teamwork, confidence and respect for the environment. Because of the proximity of the mountains, many schools offer excellent ski programs, with a select number offering programs that combine academic coursework and ski training. Alpine and Nordic training programs are featured and many train students to compete nationally and internationally.

Financial Aid

An independent school education is an investment in your child's future and a surprisingly affordable option for many families. Typical Northern New England independent schools responding to a recent survey reported that nearly one third of students receive some type of financial assistance. Most financial aid awards are based on a family's demonstrated financial need, but many schools also offer merit grants, loan programs or alternative payment plans to help put an independent school education within reach of more families.

For more information

Once you have identified those schools of particular interest to you, contact them for more information. You can then contact the admissions directors of the appropriate schools to arrange a visit to their campuses and experience firsthand the benefits independent schools in Northern New England offer.