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Comments from ISANNELEADS participants about their program experience...

I learned about me and was able to take the time to do that. I also made some great new friends.. 

I loved discovering one of my 'blind spots' (I know there are more) this week. It was not only an 'aha!' moment, but a realization that moving forward I will choose to partner with someone who can fill this void and make me a better leader.

Lead through your strengths, work on your weaknesses and adapt to different situations, "walk the floor", great leadership is a balance of listening and communicating, be yourself!

Good leaders check in with people regularly in an authentic way to make sure that people are getting what they need in their job.

It exceeded expectation. I would like a group reading prior, a full book, and we could use as a constant anchor point for some of the discussions.

I felt like all the time was well used. I really enjoyed the group and the leaders were kind, thoughtful and well organized. Bravo!

I knew it would be a great week, but it turned out to be an exceptional week. So thankful to have had this opportunity.

ISANNELEADS was perhaps singularly one of the best prof development conferences I have attended and exceeded my expectations

Every day has been packed with speakers and activities, and I have a notebook full of information to sift through and reflect upon and then hopefully make some changes in the way I approach my work life as well as my home life. 

Bouncing ideas off each other and receiving feedback on those ideas with people who have an informed but objective view is so beneficial. 

I will return to campus with a recharged battery, and an increased sense of self and confidence. I'll also carry with me some clear goals and ideas to implement with my team back home.