ISANNE Leadership Program for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

ISANNE Leadership Program for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


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Join ISANNE’s new initiative for schools working to strengthen and support their DE&I programming. Over the course of 9 months, participants in our DE&I Leadership program will develop their skills and knowledge as leaders for equity; build community across difference, schools, and fields; and generate, seed, and catalyze new equity initiatives within their own school communities.  

The experience will provide faculty and administrators with the following:

  • In-depth DE&I professional development

  • Personalized equity coaching 

  • Training in equity-centered design

  • Three conferences with nationally recognized experts

  • Networking with colleagues engaged in equity work in Northern New England

  • Monthly video cohort meetings providing support and real-time guidance for equity initiatives

  • Formal presentation and feedback on their DE&I projects at the program’s conclusion

Program participants will also:

  • Have a better understanding of how issues of equity affect all aspects of American life

  • Increase their understanding of how to engage in structural transformation based on their leadership within their school.

  • Create a program with a demonstrable, measurable impact on their schools and the students they serve, promoting more inclusive and equity-focused environments

How to Apply:

Interested schools should identify a cohort of 3-5 faculty and submit a group application by September 15, 2019.  Each cohort should have a specific equity and inclusion project they would like to undertake at their home schools. Five to eight ISANNE schools will be selected by October 1, 2019, forming a year-long cohort of 25-40 participants.  

As you prepare to apply, please consider:

  1. What is the equity issue at your school that you want to address? 

  2. What is your idea for your school and how will it address this issue?

  3. What tangible actions have you or others in your community already taken to address this issue?

  4. What communications have you had with school leaders about this proposal?  

Reasons to attend:

In-Depth Professional Development. Deepen your understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion, and have the time, resources and support needed to develop a meaningful project to be implemented at your home school. A program that offers a powerful combination of local and national resources and sustained community and conversation.

Collegial Collaboration.  Ever tell someone that one of the best things about teaching is the joy of creating new initiatives with your colleagues?  Here’s an opportunity for deep collaboration with K-PG faculty and administrators from across our region. We plan to make best use of our diverse talents as we work together to problem solve, brainstorm and support one another.


The cost for program participation is $600 per person for the first 3 people in your cohort and $300 per person for the 4th and 5th participants. This price includes registration for the 3 conferences/workshops, the monthly Zoom meetings and mentoring. Travel and hotel accommodations will be separate from the program cost.

Program Highlights:

Monthly Zoom Meetings with your cohort for input and feedback on your school’s chosen initiative

October 23-24th: AISNE Diversity Conference:

ISANNE’s DE&I Leadership cohort will travel together to this Boston conference, benefitting not only from the national experts who will be presenting, but also from shared time and brainstorming together as the year gets under way.  Presentations to include: The American Dream Experience, Shanelle Henry; Independent Queers Speak Out, Philip McAdoo and Implicit Bias in Hiring Practices, Liza Talusan

December 4, 2019: “Reaching and Teaching Students in Poverty” Workshop with Paul Gorski

Spring 2020: “Building and Sustaining Equitable and Just Communities” Workshop with Liza Talusan




Paul Gorski

Paul is the founder of the Equity Literacy Institute and EdChange. He has 20 years of experience helping educators strengthen their equity efforts in classrooms, schools, and districts. He has worked with educators in 48 states and a dozen countries. Paul has published more than 70 articles and has written, co-written, or co-edited twelve books on various aspects of educational equity including  Reaching and Teaching Students in Poverty: Strategies for Erasing the Opportunity Gap and  Case Studies on Diversity and Social Justice Education (with Seema Pothini). He is the author of the  Multicultural Pavilion, an online compendium of free resources for educators. 

Paul earned a PhD in Educational Evaluation at the University of Virginia. He was a teacher educator at several universities for 15 years. 

He is also a published poet, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and the biggest fan of Buster, his cat.

Dr. Liza Talusan

Dr. Liza Talusan is an educator, speaker, leader, runner, writer, life/leadership coach and parent. With over 22 years of experience in PreK-20 education, Liza is an engaging facilitator in conversations about diversity, racism, bias, privilege and power and creates environments that allow for people to discuss these difficult topics openly. Through her direct work with leaders, Liza empowers individuals to create a more inclusive organization, environment, community and team. 

Dr. Talusan has been invited to well over 100 schools and organizations across the country to deliver and facilitate keynotes, training workshops, develop ongoing strategic planning, change management, and faculty/staff development. Certified as a Professional Coach by the Institute for Professional Education in Coaching (iPEC) and having earned her Associate Certified Coaching credentials from the International Coaching Federation, Liza helps you to achieve your personal and professional goals by tapping into your strengths and vision for goal-centered life. 

To better understand dynamics within corporate environments, Dr. Talusan earned her certificate in Human Resources where she focused on the dynamics of intercultural communication in the workplace. Liza is the recipient of numerous awards including "Best 40 Under 40"; NASPA Region I Mid-Level Professional Award; NASPA APIKC VIP Award; Asian Women for Health's Peer Leader Award; Promise in Action Mentoring Nominee; Network for Equity, Excellence in Education Award; and a number of institutional grants. 

Liza has diverse experience working in education and training, including in the K-12 community through her work as a classroom teacher for grades 6th, 9th and 12th and as an Associate Instructor at the University of Massachusetts Boston, Liza has professional experience at the college/university level in Admission and Enrollment, Career Counseling, Gender/Women’s Issues, and Multicultural Affairs. Liza has also served as a Dean of Faculty in a summer program for students in under-resourced communities. In addition, Liza has presented at conferences on topics ranging from work with adolescent boys and girls to ethical diversity strategies, and has facilitated professional development workshops that encourage diversity.

Dr. Liza Talusan earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Child Development from Connecticut College; her Masters of Arts in Higher Education Administration from New York University; and her Ph.D. in Higher Education from University of Massachusetts Boston. Liza's cumulative research interests include the experiences of underrepresented populations; Asian American and Pacific Islander students; socialization to graduate programs; navigating academic parenthood; interracial relationships; recognizing and reducing unconscious bias; and the impact of federal financial aid policies. Liza's dissertation, "The Formation of Scholars: Critical Narratives of Asian American and Pacific Islander Doctoral Students in Higher Education" is available on ProQuest. Liza was the 2017 recipient of the Dissertation of the Year Award by the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Asian American Special Interest Group. 

Liza has contributed to various online media outlets such as Anti-Racist Parent (, Low-Fat Love with Dr. Patricia Leavy, and through her blog at Marathon B4 Mastectomy. She served as the Co-Chair of the Board of Directors for Asian Sisters Participating in Reaching Excellence (ASPIRE), and started early regional awareness of retinoblastoma. Liza also served as the former Chair of the Connecticut College Alumni of Color Committee and served on the Alumni Board of Directors. She currently serves on the Board of the YMCA.


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