ISANNE Student Life Conference

ISANNE Student Life Conference: The Student Experience

The Woodstock Inn - Woodstock, Vermont

April 11-12, 2019

ISANNE is excited to welcome all members of the student life experience to this spring ISANNE Student Life Conference “The Student Experience”. Including, but certainly not limited to: deans, teachers, coaches, residential life, guidance, nurses and heads of school.

Shanterra McBride and Brooklyn Raney will facilitate sessions that include dynamic presentations, guided discussions, and modeling. We will conclude with a conversation on evaluating the student experience at our schools and ways for us to collect data on each of our campuses culture and climate and youth risk and behaviors.

Session Details

Session 1: Peer to Peer

Adults who work with young people want every one of them to be liked, to be seen, to be heard.  But without a positive sense of self, and sense of connection and commitment to others, no young person can thrive.  Unfortunately, peer pressure, negative self image, and fear of making decisions overwhelm many students.  This session aims to help adults understand how to give young people the tools and skills and bravery to overcome the peer pressure and negative thoughts they are facing, and to be successful in spite of the constant question which nags at so many:  Who is going to sit with me at lunch?

Session 2: Adult to Student

Today’s research suggests that the tactic most effective in protecting youth from risk seeking behavior is the relationship with one trusted adult outside of the parent-child relationship. Educators and coaches are in a position to set healthy boundaries in a mindful way that helps adolescents prioritize goals, stay focused and build confidence. This session addresses the risks youth are facing today, best practices for working with adolescents, and how to create intentional environments and communities that foster and encourage appropriate adult-child relationships.

Session 3: Colleague to Colleague

The third session at the conference will dedicate time to the sharing of best practices through a timed and facilitated process. Each attendee will be asked to bring an idea for a student event, program, new policy, training, speaker, etc. to share with group members who have similar job responsibilities on their campus. The goal is to provide an opportunity for a more formal sharing of best practices, and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and experience in the room.

Session 4: Evaluating the Student Experience

The final session of the conference will focus on evaluation. How do we know that our efforts are effective, that our campus is safe, and that the needs of our students are met? Understand your options for Campus Culture and Climate surveys, Youth Risk and Behavior surveys, and what to do once you have the data. Learn about an exciting (and free!) opportunity to partner with Plymouth State University to be a part of an ongoing evaluation, which will compare data by school. Routine evaluation leads to stronger information regarding areas of needed focus and improvement on our campuses, bettering the overall experience of the student. Sign up for this program at the conference!


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Shanterra McBride

SHANTERRA MCBRIDE is an author, speaker, educator, and coach. As the founder of Marvelous University, she offers life coaching and success planning for young people - specializing in leadership development. As a former Assistant Principal, Shanterra has a wide range of expertise on all things related to young people. She is a sought-after speaker on a variety of topics including: friendships, teen relationships, equity, justice and multicultural education, social media, relational aggression, sexual harassment, dating violence, and cyber bullying. Shanterra believes three things have always kept her grounded: her faith, her bond with family and friends, and her relationships with her mentees. These constants remind her of her purpose in life, which is to Mend, Motivate and Empower young people to believe they are, without reservation, completely MARVELOUS!

Brooklyn Raney

BROOKLYN RANEY is an energized and inspiring speaker who focuses on self-expression, personal leadership, and life skills to develop individuals, teams and communities. As an experienced teacher, coach, Dean of Students and Community Life for the past ten years in independent schools, Brooklyn has dedicated her life to supporting the development of today’s youth, and the adults who mentor them. With an MA in Educational Theater from NYU, her specific style of workshop facilitation and speaking is unique in its energy, interactivity, and humor. Through the art of storytelling, on your feet exercises, honesty, and self-reflection Brook builds an enjoyable and engaging environment for her audience to learn, lead, laugh and let go.


Thu, 04/11/2019 to Fri, 04/12/2019


The Woodstock Inn
14 The Green
Woodstock, VT


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