ISANNE Workshop - “Leadership: Understanding & Managing Influence, Conflict, Difficult Conversations”


ISANNE Workshop

“Leadership: Understanding & Managing Influence, Conflict, Difficult Conversations”

Presented by: CMPartners

July 9-10, 2019

Tilton School - Tilton, NH

Few leaders have formal training in the competencies and skills needed to successfully navigate newer – and growing – challenges. The capabilities to influence people, manage conflict and difficult conversations, and collaborate effectively are more important to leadership success than ever before. These are action skills which must be developed and practiced over time. The role of independent school leaders is evolving and becoming more complex. Examples abound:

  • Parents are playing a growing role in decisions that used to be made by students and their teachers/advisers;
  • Administrative demands are increasing;
  • Balancing accreditation requirements with school mission considerations;
  • Curricula are scrutinized by constituencies ranging from colleges to parents to accreditation boards, and the mode of learning delivery is constantly evolving;
  • Students and their parents have more choices, placing greater pressure on school enrollment; 
  • Diversity initiatives add a richness to the community and also bring complexity to some campus interactions; 
  • Student and parent expectations – for everything from dining amenities to college admissions – sometimes rise to seemingly unrealistic levels. and; 
  • Staff and faculty member expectations are sometimes at odds with the wants and needs of the school. And more...  

In a retreat-style setting, we will explore the two primary models of collaboration and the reasons why difficult conversations are…well…difficult. We will learn frameworks and tools that allow us to lead more successfully by exercising influence with greater impact and being more effective collaborators and more skilled communicators. This highly interactive workshop incorporates role plays, group exercises, and case study simulations. The workshop creates a ‘safe’ environment where leaders can gain familiarity with the frameworks and tools and develop confidence in their ability to use them effectively.

The workshop will be delivered by CMPartners, a Cambridge, MA-based consulting firm established in 2002. CMP was founded by and is based on the work of Roger Fisher, author of the book ‘Getting to Yes’, creator of the Harvard Negotiation Project, Nobel Peace Prize finalist and Harvard Law School professor. Early on, the Firm’s practice revolved mainly around the concept of interest-based negotiation. In the years since its founding, it has expanded its services to address the fundamental challenge of working relationships: in a world of increasing specialization and interdependence, how can we lead and work most successfully with others? CMP’s practice comprises facilitating, consulting, custom training, and coaching centering on leadership, influence, communication, collaboration, conflict management and difficult conversations as well as negotiation.

In all CMPartners sessions, participants experience an intensive, interactive session designed to improve their leadership competency though the practice of influence, strategic collaboration and enhanced communication skills. By the end of a typical workshop, participants: 

  • Have an increased awareness of the dynamics of collaboration and their role in creating and managing such dynamics;
  • Appreciate the value of strategic, effective collaboration and communication to project, program, and relationship success;
  • Are able to create and secure implementable, durable, value-generating outcomes with a variety of constituencies; 
  • Can engage multiple stakeholders with different perspectives in a collaboration process that optimizes the prospects for value creation for all parties; and,
  • Can deploy frameworks and tools to assist them in dealing with the human dynamics of difficult collaborations and conversations, including (a) differing factual perceptions and (b) strong feelings.

Registration Fees:

$480.00 per person for ISANNE Members - Full Conference (includes all meals, conference breaks and conference materials)

$780.00 per person for Non-ISANNE Members

Lodging Options:

Please be advised that the registration form that you filled out is for the conference only. There are two lodging options for this conference.

1. You may stay at Tilton School in the dormitories. The fee will be $50 for the night. Please contact Tedda LaChance directly at to arrange your stay at Tilton School.

2. There is a room block at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Tilton, NH. You may make your reservation by calling the Hampton Inn directly at 603-286-3400 - please identify yourself as part of the ISANNE Group room block in order to receive the conference rate of $139 plus tax. Your rooming reservation must be made by Tuesday, June 11, 2019.


Tue, 07/09/2019 to Wed, 07/10/2019


Tilton School
30 School St.
Tilton, NH 03276