Now What? Recovering from Spring 2020 and Preparing for What’s Next

ISANNE Webinar -  Now What? Recovering from Spring 2020 and Preparing for What’s Next

Presented by - Jennifer Bryan, Lauren Porosoff, Ricco Siasoco and Liza Talusan

Thursday, June 11, 2020 - 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

When the pandemic forced schools to close, teachers moved quickly to learn new technology, revise lesson plans and adapt their teaching strategies. Students and parents moved to virtual platforms and did their best to turn home into school. And administrators acted quickly to help the community adjust. Everyone did their jobs, fully committed to making the best of this unprecedented disruption. 

Eight weeks later and still counting, many students, teachers, parents and administrators are fully depleted.

Yet, with barely a moment to take a breath, everyone is already thinking (and worrying!) about the 20-21 school year. You may have strategies, models and innovative tools to use for planning for the fall, but our research suggests that many people are not psychologically or even physically ready to use them.

In this e-seminar, Re-Set School offers a framework to help communities engage with their emotional experiences of emergency on-line schooling. Creating an opportunity for telling the stories of your struggles/achievements, and bearing witness to one another’s losses/gains, is a way of reaffirming the values that make you a community. Attending to (1) wellness and connection, (2) equity and inclusion, and (3) teaching and learning is what will help you build what's next, together.


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Thu, 06/11/2020


ISANNE Webinar


ISANNE Member - Recovering from Spring 2020 and Preparing for What’s Next

Free for ISANNE Members