ISANNELEADS - 2018-2019

Leading in independent schools – what does this mean? What makes one good? What about being effective? What does it take? It certainly offers many rewards, opportunities and challenges. It also demands a remarkable scope of skills and understanding. Ultimately, it is not simply the domain of the head of school. Where does it fit for you? The ISANNELEADS seminar aims to address these questions and more.

With the help of the EE Ford Foundation, we launched our first cohort in the summer of 2012. This year will mark our sixth year of the program - with over 110 participants and 38 schools represented.

Our approach is multi-fold – enriching your learning experience with outstanding teachers and facilitators. You will begin with work prior to the workshop to prepare and to focus. This will include reading and taking an inventory of your current thoughts on leadership. Once together in June, you will have considerable time with presenters who are experts in their respective fields. Current and retired school leaders will lead and facilitate the break-out group work. They will also serve as your mentor throughout the year following this seminar – online and in person. Significantly, the entire group has a two day reconnect six months later in January.

The scope of the comprehensive program includes individual and introspective experiences, followed by group work with experts, and culminating with a one-on-one mentorship.

Your take-aways from this work will be:

  • An understanding of your personal leadership skill set with its strengths and “Achilles’ heel(s)”;
  • A broad understanding of leadership for the 21st century;
  • A plan for enhancing your leadership abilities with measurable results;
  • A network of other members of the seminar cohort;
  • A close and lasting friendship with a professional mentor;
  • The support from your mentor for the full year of the program and beyond.