Are you ready to hear it?

Walking yesterday with my suitemate Binaca, I commented on how some of the phrases of the week were resonating with me in such a profound way.

 “Be strategic in your voice”,  “do the right thing right”,  “some serves do not deserve a return”. Isn’t it true though, that throughout our lives we are given good advice?  By our parents, by our friends, by our colleagues, but for a multitude of reasons we don’t, or can’t, hear it.

Perhaps it’s the mindset of the week. As adults we are released from all routine responsibilities. No kids to take care of, no spouse to attend to, no clothes to launder and no dishes to clean, no papers to grade. We are here for ourselves, to grow and learn and we are receptive and open.

Simple words of wisdom can be so profound. This has never been more evident for me than today, listening to our speaker Betsy Myers. She ended our rich conversation with another pearl of wisdom, and maybe the most important.

“At the end of the day, you control you.”

Are you ready to hear it? And the bigger question becomes “What are you going to do about it?”