"This group contains no slackers"

As part of my work with the administrative team at my school over the last 12 years, I've had the opportunity to read several staple publications on the subject of leadership within the context of welcoming change or the desire, even the need, for innovation within the independent school market. Senge, Collins, Pink, Wagner, Gardner, Friedman, and other names have graced my nightstand and backpack throughout that process. Some encourage institutional thought, some refocus the reader's lens to be more global, and some direct attention to a specific process. This conference has been different in that, for a few intense days, the focus is on ourselves and our roles as leaders. There I go again... I'm used to the institutional voice. Be more direct, Eric - the focus this week is on ME.
Likely at one point or another many of us have used instruments to gauge certain aspects of our personality as a form of entertainment or lighthearted introspection. But at ISANNELEADS today, we took the results of two specific instruments, the MBTI-II and FIRO-B, to see how each of us functions as aspiring leaders and as members of teams. While I did see verification of some of the traits I know well, I also was stirred to awakening in other areas, and am left with questions about what I can do to better serve the School I love, the team I support, and the friends I've made in my time working in the education field. We use terms like continuing education and life-long learners on a regular basis, but they have a different meaning when partaking in this high-powered curriculum that my partner compared to a "boot camp" for independent school leaders. And unlike some other conferences or events in which I've participated, at ISANNELEADS -all- the attendees are stakeholders in school-wide leadership and growth who are here to improve themselves and their schools. This group contains no slackers.
We're only at the end of day two, but I have been rewarded and challenged already. If you're looking to stretch yourself to be a higher functioning member of your school community, this program may be for you.