"To have time to focus on my personal development is invaluable..."

Well after two informational packed days HUMP day has arrived here at IsanneLeads and there is  no better way to start it than with Hans Mundahl.  His energy was through the the roof and the topic of "where do new ideas come from?" was thought provoking.  From "rabbit holes" to break out sessions he has us thinking outside the box and challenged us to do so going forward.

IsanneLeads this week has been incredible so far.  The speakers have been great and to have time to focus on my personal development is invaluable. The relationships I am building with my cohorts from all over New England is indiscribable.  To be able to share our thoughts, experiences, concerns, etc. is reinforcing that my own challenges and struggles are not unique.
I'm looking forward to the rest of this transformational week,  but excited for this upcoming academic school year knowing that I have a new set of tools to use and resources that I can access.