Hire Happy People

As I leave this week, I am struck by the refrain to “Hire Happy People”.  I would go further and say that it is critical to not only hire them happy, but to encourage them and help to maintain that happiness in as many ways as possible for the entirety of the team’s existence.

---“Leadership is about feelings.”   This message from Betsy Myers last night really struck a chord with me.  As I ponder the future teams I will spend time with, I know that I need to “learn the people” and figure out what makes them tick and how to support their particular needs.  This seems to be one of the best ways to keep the happiness present in relationships.

The Happy People of ISANNELEADS 2015

I spent this week getting to know some amazing people, watching them examine their strengths, probe their weaknesses, endure a long schedule, ask great questions, struggle through hard questions, and all the time remain happy and engaged.  This morning, I witnessed some energetic skits, laughed incredibly hard, and solidified relationships with some “super leaders”.  I am leaving with new friends and connections, a new understanding of myself, and path for the future.  I can’t wait to see what the year ahead unfolds.