"It was truly remarkable and inspiring..."

I had no idea what to expect out of this week at ISANNELEADS. The (intentional) lack of communication about schedules and agendas didn't help. I expect that a number of posts have started like this and that I'm not alone in experiencing that pre-conference anxiety. 
Today, we heard from Betsy Myers a well-known leadership expert and former COO to the 2008 Obama campaign. It was a high energy and engaging presentation. Once again, I was reminded about the unbelievable people who work at independent schools. We began with an exercise sharing stories of resilience. It was truly remarkable and inspiring.
The week has been jam-packed and the days have been long. We've covered a ton of material and heard from a number of experts. Most valuably for me, we had time to pull back, pause and look inward. There have been some deep dives into the self. It has been an affirming process. As I said to someone earlier, there haven't been many cloud-parting, ah-hah moments, but those I have experienced have been powerful; more so this has been an affirming process. As the time here begins to close, I will return to campus with a recharged battery, and an increased sense of self and confidence. I'll also carry with me some clear goals and ideas to implement with my team back home. It's been a long week. I'm tired. I'm energized. And I look forward to the road ahead.