Mentor Groups

I originally decided that I would blog about the speakers of the day. However, recently changed the theme to the progress of my mentor group (group yellow). It is possible that due to the chaotic schedule we encountered on the very first day, or the crankiness that was caused because of the fast paced events of the day, that I questioned the point of the mentor group and if I would “mesh” well with individual members. It only took a short time for me to get to know group members. Within a matter of hours, I began to look forward to the group sessions and have developed aquick, solid respect and admiration of my group.

What I perceive as being unique is though we all appear to be different people personally and professionally, the amount of attention we give each other and the way we have bonded so easily is a feat in itself. We are able to combine humor, personal stories, and honest opinions together through each session. I will also say that having Cynthia as our group leader is a blessing. She has made us feel comfortable and confident to express ourselves (though we have only known each other for two days). Her easy going, but professional demeanor helps us accomplish tasks within the hour given.

Brett A. - ISANNELEADS 2016