"Rabbit Holes"

I was not sure what to expect from this conference. Who was going to be there? What were we going to do? Would it be another one of those conferences that I felt was a waste of time? Well the answer to the last question is definitely NO (thankfully since my school has invested the money to send me here). The topics covered by the presenters are very well-thought out and diverse. Today was the half-way point and Hans Mundahl came this morning and gave a memorable presentation on ideas. Really interesting topics on important work vs. urgent work which is something I will bring to the teaching staff at my school. I learned that going down "rabbit holes" are a great way to generate important work so I am no longer going to feel guilty about getting caught in rabbit holes which always help to update and re-energize my curricula. Jim Mooney discussed the terrifying, jaw-dropping topic of school finances, tuition, financial aid... scary. However, a great idea that he passed on as part of evaluation procedures is having teachers record their own classes and do a self-evaluation. Love it and am going to try it out next year.

I am finding it really interesting being around the other cohorts and hearing about different issues, successes, and concerns at other schools which are often similar to those at my school. Thank you ISANNE.

Karen - ISANNLEADS 2016