Understanding Yourself and Those Around You...

The morning of the second day began with Jodi McGary’s session entitled, “Understanding Yourself and Those Around You.” During this session, we had the opportunity to develop a basic understanding of the Myers-Briggs personality types and most importantly, learn about our individual types. One of the things that really struck me throughout these discussions, was the importance and even necessity for effective leaders to build a team that represents varied personality types. One thing that I value greatly in a school community is the diversity of ideas that are present at our schools, but I also understand that it is natural to gravitate toward those who share our perspective. This can be a very limiting tendency of which I will try to be more aware.

Effective school leaders need to be sure that they have the “bottom liners”, the “customer service” folks, the “people people”, and the “systems” people on their team. All of these types of leaders have unique perspectives that contribute to a deliberate and well-thought out approach. We need to “value the lone ranger” on our teams and even seek out that diversity of opinion. This has me thinking critically about those that I work closest with and how we can either enhance or in some instances, hinder one another. I am looking forward to spending time reflecting and thinking about how I can take what I’ve learned about myself as a leader and use it to expand my leadership capability, particularly in the areas that are not in my comfort zone in order to enhance the current leadership team that I work with.