ICAISA Executive Director

Position Description: 


Beginning Date:    Negotiable, but no later than July 1, 2019


The International Council Advancing Independent School Accreditation seeks its first Executive Director who will possess an understanding of independent K-12 accreditation, a thorough knowledge of independent schools, experience as a teacher and/or administrator, and a keen interest in professional development for association professionals. This person will demonstrate the capacity for articulate written and oral communication, exhibit excellent organizational skills, and be technologically proficient. She or he will have highly developed interpersonal skills and will be able to work productively and harmoniously with a variety of constituencies, including the ICAISA Board of Directors, independent school associations, policymakers, and the media, among others. He or she will provide leadership about accreditation policy, practice, and professional development offerings.

The ICAISA Executive Director will be hired as a part-time contract employee (with the opportunity to expand the position to full-time as the organization evolves). It is expected that the Executive Director will work virtually, primarily from a home office, with periodic in-person and online meetings with the ICAISA Board and committees.  Additional travel in support of ICAISA recognition will be required.


The Executive Director serves as the chief administrative officer for ICAISA, overseeing all aspects of the organization including member accreditation program recognition, professional development and programming, legal and legislative matters, and any joint programs in cooperation with member associations. The Executive Director facilitates communication and fosters positive, ethical, and supportive relationships among Council members, promotes understanding and goodwill between member associations and state, regional, national, and international education associations, colleges, and universities, as well as conveys to the general public, foundations, and governmental entities the unique and exceptional qualities of ICAISA member associations’ accreditation and the quality of their accredited schools.

The Executive Director will begin no later than July 1, 2019 and will be welcomed by an experienced Board ready to build upon ICAISA’s past successes and a forward-looking organization that is justifiably proud of its accomplishments, yet eager to recruit a leader who will help to define and achieve its next era of service to its members and the advancement of independent school education. One of the primary strengths of the organization is the ability to marshal the vision and energy of its members to identify new ways to foster ongoing independent school improvement. Since the work, in general, is accomplished through standing committees, supporting the work of these committees requires an Executive Director who is skilled at connecting, mobilizing, and focusing the skills and talents of others. ICAISA values the diversity of its member associations and their schools and seeks a leader who recognizes that educational/institutional success can be achieved in a variety of ways. The Executive Director shall be responsible to the Board of Directors.


The favored candidate will possess a consultative approach, the ability to empower others and delegate effectively, coupled with the capacity to work with the ICAISA Council Members and Board of Directors and to set a vision for the organization and the organizational skills to realize that vision. The ideal candidate would have most, if not all, of the following professional qualifications:

  • Effective and strategic communication skills to support the Executive Director’s role as the ambassador and advocate for independent education and the work of ICAISA.
  • An entrepreneurial educator who, informed by an understanding of the current trends and innovations in education, will identify potential new opportunities and foster strategic alliances that strengthen ICAISA;
  • The ability to think strategically while remaining highly organized to ensure that ICAISA and its programs are effectively delivered;
  • Strong skills in the utilization of technology, including video conference, to facilitate communication and connectedness among member organizations;
  • Broad knowledge of PK-12 independent schools and policies;
  • Deep understanding of the issues surrounding diversity, inclusion, and cultural proficiency in independent schools;
  • Writing ability that exhibits ease, etiquette, and strong grammatical skills; and
  • Strong academic background and prior independent school leadership coupled with Master’s Degree or administrative experience to be considered in lieu of a Master’s Degree.


  • A warm, empathetic, approachable style;
  • Self-confidence, poise, and presence;
  • Sound judgment, ability to assess and weigh competing demands and, when necessary, to make difficult decisions;
  • Ability to develop trust with participating Executive Directors, associations, and the Board;
  • An intellectually curious and creative strategic thinker;
  • Desire to work collaboratively with others in decision making;
  • Enthusiasm for the use of technology and facility with relevant technology;
  • Strong work ethic, determination, stamina, and abundant energy;
  • Ability to wear many hats; from being a visionary to being one’s own administrative assistant in implementing the vision;
  • Ability to work independently and be flexible in work habits and space;
  • Willingness to travel as required;
  • Ability to relate to a wide variety of people, individually and in groups; and
  • A sense of humor.


  • Support the organization and its leadership in furthering the mission of ICAISA by articulating ICAISA’s mission and goals and soliciting support in realizing the mission of ICAISA;
  • Build awareness and an accurate perception of ICAISA among other independent school associations, government agencies, and other related organizations;
  • Represent ICAISA in public, with prospective members, in social media, at professional events, and before government or related agencies;
  • Work with ICAISA Chair to establish Executive Committee, Board of Director, and ICAIS Membership Agendas;
  • Attend all ICAISA meetings;
  • Provide necessary correspondence prior to and following meetings;
  • Ensure that the most current ICAISA resources and other related documents are on the website;
  • Maintain and update member databases;
  • Manage event registration as well work with hotels to facilitate the organization of all ICAISA meetings;
  • Be responsible for check writing and day-to-day financial management in coordination with the ICAISA Treasurer and maintain financial records;
  • Proactively problem-solve;
  • Track progress on initiatives;
  • Maintain all organizational records, including meeting minutes;
  • Assist Membership Committee in maintaining and updating ICAISA Criteria and Protocols, receiving and forwarding review reports to the committee, and by preparing materials for Membership Committee meetings and presentations to the Board of Directors;
  • Understand and manage all organizational aspects of visiting teams;
  • Work with foundations to draft proposals for funding needed to support the strategic goals of the organization;
  • Remain current on nonprofit legal requirements and regulations;
  • Compile, maintain, file, and preserve all physical and computerized reports, records, and other documents;
  • Stay abreast of contemporary issues and trends related to independent schools and accreditation;
  • Demonstrate awareness of ICAISA needs and initiate activities to meet those needs;
  • Continue to develop needed professional skills appropriate to job assignment;
  • Demonstrate behavior that is professional, ethical, and responsible, and serve as a role model for all related association endeavors; and
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the ICAISA Chair of the Board of Directors.


Although ICAISA reserves the right to keep the position open until filled, materials which are received by Friday, February 15, 2019 will be given early review. Interested and qualified candidates should submit electronically, in one e-mail, the following materials, in separate PDF documents, to: icaisajob@gmail.com:

  • Cover letter expressing interest in, and qualifications for, the ICAISA position;
  • Current résumé;
  • A written statement outlining the importance and value of accreditation in complex educational markets, and
  • A list of three references with name, relationship, phone number, and email address.
International Council Advancing Independent School Accreditation
Application Deadline: 
Friday, 15 February 2019
Start Date: 
Monday, 1 July 2019
Submit Applications to: 

Interested and qualified candidates should submit materials to: icaisajob@gmail.com