Membership Criteria & Application


Membership to the Independent Schools Association of Northern New England is open to any secondary or elementary independent school in Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont and is conditional upon being accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Associate membership is open to non-accredited schools in the region.

Accreditation by NEASC entails a thorough self assessment, peer visit and evaluation, and an extensive follow-up process.

For more information regarding the standards for accreditation by NEASC refer to their website. There is a direct link to the NEASC website on the ISANNE home page.


Procedures for Seeking Membership in the Independent Schools Association of Northern New England

A school seeking affiliation with the Association will write to the Executive Director indicating a desire to join the Association. The Executive Director will mail an application to the school and schedule a visit by one or two persons to learn more about the school. The visitors will present a written report of the visit to the Executive Committee of the Association at its next meeting.

The report of the visitors will include information on the following areas:

1. Enrollment, Tuition and Corporate Status
2. History and Mission of the school
3. Description of the student body
4. Information on the Faculty and Staff
5. Explanation of the Program of the School
6. Description of the Governance and Administrative Organization
7. Description of the Financial Resources and Physical Facilities

The Executive Committee will determine if it is appropriate to present the candidacy of the school to the membership at the next meeting of the Heads of ISANNE schools. The head of the candidate school will be invited to that meeting to present an oral description of the school and then will be excused from the meeting to allow discussion a vote on membership.

Accredited schools will be eligible for full membership and non-accredited schools may be admitted as associate members.