"Every serve does not deserve a return"

One year ago I was named the Director of Academics at my school. After 24 years happily teaching high school math I hadn’t planned on having my career take such an unexpected turn. It was an exhausting, challenging, and gratifying year. I expect this professional development opportunity with ISANNELEADS to give me the tools to make year two lean more toward the gratifying and less toward exhausting! One of today’s lessons that will make a difference is “every serve does not deserve a return.”

Pat Bassett’s allusions to Myers-Briggs have peaked my interest in tomorrow’s session: “Understanding Yourself and Those Around You” with Jodi McGary. I did a Myers-Briggs inventory in my teens, again during my teacher education, and a third time in my first years of teaching. All three happened within 7 years of each other, and each result was slightly different. Looking back I am no longer surprised that the way I viewed the world shifted during those impressionable years. I am very curious to see what my results will be decades later, and what I can learn from the analysis to improve my performance as an administrator.