The difference between leadership and management...

Here we are, starting our long awaiting session for the leaders. I am looking forward to challenges and collaborative work with all the participants; networking and learning from our mentors; exploring my personal and professional capabilities. It sounds like the week is loaded with very interesting topics and indeed, our first presenter dug into the most stimulating areas of our business, such as ethical, philosophical, team work and leadership styles. I have a feeling we will face many moments of heated but productive discussions as this group is built of very different people with diverse opinions and experiences. This is environment is very encouraging for me and welcomed.

Just in one afternoon we had a chance to work as a big group and in small sessions on resolving real life cases; we were asked to do a role playing for a given situation; and we had to discuss the differences between a leader and a manager. The latter was interesting for me as I did not realize that there are situations when a manager has to act in order to solve a problem and follow a mission of an organization, at the same time, a leader would actually only follow a vision.

I am looking forward to receiving many resources on leadership and meeting in person the leaders who are in this role and willing to share their experience and be a mentor.  I think the structure of the ISANNELEADS is excellent idea and the follow up with our mentors throughout the year will be very productive to me.