“Leaders are born not made - ISANNE may beg to differ”

After a twelve plus hour day, I am back in my dorm room to reflect on the hard work my cohorts and I were a part of today.  The day was long, the work difficult; yet fabulous and insightful. What has remained with me right now is what Phillip Peck just finished up with and that is that all of the competencies needed in being a good leader are skills that can be learned, worked on and improved upon. This is refreshing to me after a day of being indecisive as to whether this was actually a good path for me. 

I particularly want to thank my mentor group for their humor, honesty, patience and hard work. We all have different personality types and coming to a better understanding today of who each of us is and how we work together was awesome. I look forward to working with all of you over the rest of the week and the upcoming year. With Doug Cummings as our mentor I feel that we are very fortunate. Listening to Doug’s presentation today regarding the development of a personal statement gave me pause yet energized me as well. I came up with a solid working outline of values and personal statements that I feel reflect who I am as a person and leader.  This outline combined with the refreshing news from Phil that leadership can be learned over time has renewed my vision of what my potential and possibilities can be. So, I guess I will see you all tomorrow to continue the work.