Betsy Myers discussed a new way to think about leadership and one of the early questions she posed was “what are the assumptions and beliefs you have made about yourself and others that are wrong?” In my mind it instantly took me to #LikeAGirl. I watched the clip again today and wrestled with the gender gap question. Betsy did indeed point to some of the challenging experiences relating to women and leadership, yet her insights embraced a need for a shift in the narrative around power. For both men and women.

“Women need to understand that with power they can achieve what they say they want from their career and lives…Instead of stories about sacrifice and guilt, powerful women need to speak up about the rewards that power has afforded them to encourage more women to reach for the top”

Sylvia Ann Hewlitt, Center for Talent Innovation, Global Study of Women and Power, Dec 2014

Illuminating in the modern workforce:

Leadership is gender neutral

Leadership equals results

Leadership creates a feeling

Leadership calls upon masculine and feminine

Leadership embraces the head and the heart; warmth and competence

Betsy also brings home the importance of self knowledge as we seek to know and understand our people, and lead with authenticity and with strategy to win.


Now, show me what it looks like to run like a leader.