I have never been so determined not to forget something...

When I woke up this morning and collected myself in preparation for my one-on-one meeting with Jim, I realized that I would probably cry. Because, like Cynthia, I have the weeper gene. And conversations like the one I was anticipating are exactly the kind of thing that triggers the tears. There's something about talking honestly with someone I really respect, who knows me even just a little, and hearing that person give me advice, that cuts me right to the core.

So on the one hand, the seemingly ridiculous amount of tears that are threatening the life of my keyboard as I write this is a result of my genetic, chemical make-up and beyond my control. And on the other hand, it is a physical representation of the impact this experience has had on me. 
I have never been so determined not to forget something. I have experienced isolated events that felt momentous and now seem like dreams, that I'm thankful for and remember, but only in that they happened, and were profound. But isn't the whole point of this - the notebook full of thoughts, the three drafts of mission statement, the connections, hugs, tears, laughter - isn't the whole point that we use it? Take it home, share it, breathe it and spread it out into our worlds? 
Thank you, each and every one, for bringing out the tears.