“Leadership Comes From Knowing Yourself”

“I think you should go. It’s the perfect next step.” My headmaster told me this hours after returning from an ISANNE conference in Portland, ME. He was talking about what I lovingly came to refer to as the ISANNE “leadership bootcamp”, ISANNEleads. I of course said yes.

Over the course of this past week I have been in educational sessions for 13 hours a day, been given the occasional and merciful 15 minute break, gone to sleep after 10:00pm and woken up at 6:00am every day. I have been given a new vocabulary and had my outlook on leadership flipped on its head by the likes of Peter Bassett, Betsy Myers, and Sarah Daignault. I have been evaluated into a Myers-Briggs Type and the FIRO-B which told me that I am an inclusion and affection junky. I learned to follow my heart and head equally. I learned to listen.

It sounds difficult, and it was, but I have never learned or grown so much in such a short period of time as I did at ISANNEleads2015. I have a new mentor that will help guide me over the next year. I have newfound friends from various states and levels in the school system. I have a support system and a way to continue growing. I have 21 new followers on Twitter, and 21 new people to help me lead.

I have processed probably a third of what happened over the past week, and that’s a great thing. I will continue to relive this incredible conference as I process the rest of what’s happened over the next year. I am excited to catch up with my friends in January at the midyear meetup to see how our “blind spots” and leadership projects are going.