“Consensus is the enemy of change”

I have a lot to think about after today’s first day of ISANNELeads. As I came into today, I was thinking that it I would be getting some ideas about how to accomplish some of my goals at my school in my current role. After one day, I realize it is not really about that, but about me. I think this week will help me reflect on who I am as a leader. It will also help me to think about my future in education beyond my current role. It is only then that I can help my school accomplish greatness.

I keep thinking about one of the last things Pat said today: “Consensus is the enemy of change.” As a natural ambassador, I think that I tend to value consensus over transformative change. I am beginning to realize that the time spent in gaining consensus for the last few is time that would be better spent on getting started, partnering with first followers, and building momentum. This is huge. I am excited for the further ideas that we will gain over the course of the week.

Mike H. - ISANNELEADS 2016