"Be courageous"

Upon arriving at ISANNE Leads it was clear that this would be a full week of learning and an opportunity to think critically about myself and my leadership role at school. This is exactly what I signed on for, both with ISANNE and with my role at school. While there were many things put out there for us to think about today, the ideas that stood out most were the tips for being strong leaders. Most came from Patrick Bassett's sessions, but some came for observations during our collaboration time in the afternoon and during discussions at meals. 
Here is the list I've generated from today:


  • Have a mentor 
  • Build relationships
  • Share your stories
  • Activate 'Blue Ocean' thinking
  • Listen to people
  • Take care of your own monkeys
  • Be likeable
  • Know what your talking about
  • Celebrate the followers
  • Encourage autonomy
  • Have a noble purpose 
  • Know yourself
  • Be courageous

Karen - ISANNELEADS 2016