"Leading from the middle"

Tonight’s speaker was Phil Peck, Head of Holderness School.  He has recently completed research on how to nurture leaders in Independent Schools.  “In the next seven to ten years, 70 percent of sitting heads, the baby boomer generation, will retire.” This fact is a powerful one for us to take in as we consider leading in our schools and the potential for pursuing headship in the future. He shared that in order to be a head of an independent school you will need to be a CEO of a business, and an executive director of a non-profit, you are a principal, and a superintendent. These are major responsibilities that require training and particular skill sets. One way to gain these skills is to attend a conference like ISANNELEADS. His research has focused on another way of developing leaders- through the mentorship of a current head of school. Together we discussed the skills and competencies we admire in educational leaders, and we looked at his research on what heads of schools identify as essential competencies for heads of schools.  

At the end of our second day, it is clear that a major goal of this conference is for us to better understand ourselves, our leadership skills, and our areas for growth. Tonight was no different, we identified skills and competencies we want to work on and the strategies we will use in the coming year to develop them.   Having learned earlier in the day that we all have different personality preferences through the Myers-Briggs Assessment, it was no surprise that there was a variety in the skills and competencies we will work on.  We wrote our goals down in a letter that our mentors will mail to us in the Fall.  This was a FULL day and we are all gaining much new knowledge and self-awareness as we journey on “leading from the middle.”

Galen - ISANNELEADS 2016