"We worked to get at the heart of what makes good leaders..."

Day 2 at ISANNELEADS was a whirlwind. Some of us have joked that the schedule is deliberately full to give us a sense of the time commitment involved in being an independent school leader. Honestly, when I look over everything that we have covered today, I’m amazed at what we’ve accomplished in just these 12+ hours. No doubt we will be unpacking everything we’ve learned over the next several weeks; right now I'm on information overload.

We spent much of today working to define and understand ourselves better. From MBTI and FIRO-B to writing a personal mission statement, we worked to get at the heart of what makes good leaders and what makes us good leaders. Some of the work is hard, as we are challenged to really see our own strengths and blind spots. I’m both exhausted and invigorated by this opportunity to be together with so many other motivated and thoughtful leaders. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.