What's Next?

During the four hour drive to the Tilton school I wondered what the agenda for ISANNEleads would look like. As a schedule-oriented person, I was apprehensive about a five day trip with no pre-set agenda that I could peruse and ponder over. Admin and colleagues who are ISANNEleads alum just kept telling me I’d have a great time, but wouldn’t really give me any true details. But as soon as I settled in I looked around and realized that it doesn’t matter what is on the agenda— it will all be marvelous and valuable. 

And that’s part of leadership, isn’t it? Going into unknown territory, regardless of the personal little worries that might nag at you, knowing that the reward is worth the risk. When you have a team that supports the journey, not just the outcome, it becomes a lot easier to branch out and succeed. I believe this cohort is such a team. Surrounded by eager, bright, and open-minded colleagues, I know that the next few days will be just a wonderful as the first, and that the end results will be worth the effort (I also have a copy of the agenda, which frees me up to focus on the experience instead of “what’s next?”).