"It was truly remarkable and inspiring..."

I had no idea what to expect out of this week at ISANNELEADS. The (intentional) lack of communication about schedules and agendas didn't help. I expect that a number of posts have started like this and that I'm not alone in experiencing that pre-conference anxiety. 

"Rabbit Holes"

I was not sure what to expect from this conference. Who was going to be there? What were we going to do? Would it be another one of those conferences that I felt was a waste of time? Well the answer to the last question is definitely NO (thankfully since my school has invested the money to send me here). The topics covered by the presenters are very well-thought out and diverse. Today was the half-way point and Hans Mundahl came this morning and gave a memorable presentation on ideas. Really interesting topics on important work vs.

"What will be your legacy?"

My mind has been stuck on this question posed to me, “What will be your legacy?” For a day and a half, I have been trying to form my personal mission statement. In honesty, this has been one of the hardest assignments I’ve ever had. What do I want? What is most important to me? Where do I see myself? What qualities do I possess and what qualities do I want to possess?

"To have time to focus on my personal development is invaluable..."

Well after two informational packed days HUMP day has arrived here at IsanneLeads and there is  no better way to start it than with Hans Mundahl.  His energy was through the the roof and the topic of "where do new ideas come from?" was thought provoking.  From "rabbit holes" to break out sessions he has us thinking outside the box and challenged us to do so going forward.

Mentor Groups

I originally decided that I would blog about the speakers of the day. However, recently changed the theme to the progress of my mentor group (group yellow).

"Thinking big, thinking forward..."

This week has really helped drive home the importance of thinking big, thinking forward, and facilitating the opportunity for those I serve in leadership to do the same. Pat Bassett’s presentations on “the big shifts in making education more current” gave some great resources and ideas for the tools and practices that I should be looking to use in making the necessary big shifts at my school, many of which are already being discussed and experimented with at our school.

Creative, Thoughtful Leaders

This morning our ISANNELEADS group learned from Hans Mundahl, President of Hans Mundahl and Associates.  Hans focused his lesson on where new ideas come from and with so, drew on 5 facets that when combined, make, creative thoughtful leaders.  These 5 facets are, focusing, making, connecting, publishing and failing.

Making It Count

As I reflect on the past 2 ½ days at ISANNELEADS, I can truly say that I feel blessed. Blessed to be here in this place, with these people, in this time, and at this point of my career. As I drove home yesterday, I couldn’t help but think about how transformative this process has been.

Honoring our authentic selves

Sensing, feeling, judging, perceiving, thinking. We all use all of these sensory skills (hopefully) everyday. How we use these mental acuities and how much we employ any one of them determines how we take in information and make decisions. Or at least, that’s what psychologist Carl Jung believed.

"Good leadership comes from people who know themselves and lead from their authentic selves..."

As I arrived at ISANNELEADS I was filled with hope about what the week might hold. My father taught me when I was young that good leadership comes from people who know themselves and lead from their authentic selves.


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