"We worked to get at the heart of what makes good leaders..."

Day 2 at ISANNELEADS was a whirlwind. Some of us have joked that the schedule is deliberately full to give us a sense of the time commitment involved in being an independent school leader.

"I realized how valuable a professional community is..."

It has been both a full and fulfilling Day 2 of ISANNELEADS. Both the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Firo-B Leadership reports so concisely captured my strengths and my gaps or “blindsides” that I feel I now have a framework to guide my own personal growth.

"Leading from the middle"

Tonight’s speaker was Phil Peck, Head of Holderness School.  He has recently completed research on how to nurture leaders in Independent Schools.  “In the next seven to ten years, 70 percent of sitting heads, the baby boomer generation, will retire.” This fact is a powerful one for us to take in as we consider leading in our schools and the potential for pursuing headship in the future. He shared that in order to be a head of an independent school you will need to be a CEO of a business, and an executive director of a non-profit, you are a principal, and a superintendent.

"How can we manage the culture of our schools to prepare for change?..."

This seminar comes at a moment of significant change for me as I step into a new leadership role, but I've spent most of the day thinking about the equally momentous change facing the faculty of my program.  Listening to Pat Bassett's presentation on "Change Agency" tonight, I've begun to shift my attention from my personal transition, as I become the interim head of semester school, to the faculty's challenge of accepting a new leadership structure under a somewhat unknown entity.  It helps that I've had a year with them to get acquainted, but none of us have yet experienced the arrangem

"Be courageous"

Upon arriving at ISANNE Leads it was clear that this would be a full week of learning and an opportunity to think critically about myself and my leadership role at school. This is exactly what I signed on for, both with ISANNE and with my role at school. While there were many things put out there for us to think about today, the ideas that stood out most were the tips for being strong leaders. Most came from Patrick Bassett's sessions, but some came for observations during our collaboration time in the afternoon and during discussions at meals. 

"Taking the time for myself to learn and reflect"

Day one of ISANNELEADS:  this morning, as I was packing to attend, trying to envision what I might need or want for the week I experienced the first twinges of anxiety.  One might ask, why would I have anxiety about attending a week long class on leadership. Initially, the anxiety was simple, would I pack the right clothes, would I fit in, what about all the loose ends at work. Finally at the point I was questioning whether I should even be attending, the dog crawled under the porch and refused to come out.  I was supposed to be leaving in 20 minutes to arrive in Tilton on time.

“Consensus is the enemy of change”

I have a lot to think about after today’s first day of ISANNELeads. As I came into today, I was thinking that it I would be getting some ideas about how to accomplish some of my goals at my school in my current role. After one day, I realize it is not really about that, but about me. I think this week will help me reflect on who I am as a leader. It will also help me to think about my future in education beyond my current role. It is only then that I can help my school accomplish greatness.

Ron Schneider

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Pat Peard

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