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Heronfield Academy was created to support, nurture, and teach middle school students. The middle school years are extremely important in the life of young people. Those years are ones in which students are growing and developing in ways that are exciting and new, challenging and rewarding. We are a stand-alone middle school by design, meaning that we are not attached to either an elementary school or a high school. This enables us to place our entire focus on the middle school years.

Heronfield’s core curriculum emphasizes not only mathematics, science, English, history, and foreign language but also, music, drama, visual arts, physical education and health.  Teachers plan curricula together, and students collaborate, learning together.  The strength fo our school community reinforces a deeper understanding of the value of interdisciplinary work.

While Heronfield Academy is founded on the Episcopal tradition, we welcome students of all faiths.  The diversity of backgrounds enriches the lives of all of us associated with the Academy. We learn from each other and develop a deep appreciation for different perspectives on beliefs and spirituality. We see our collective community as a gathering of gifts, each offered by the individuals who come to work, learn, teach, and collaborate in building and supporting our community on a daily basis.

Our website will give you a glimpse into the Academy. We also encourage you to visit our campus in order to feel the excitement and energy that we enjoy on a daily basis. Our teachers have created a rigorous curriculum that challenges our students and encourages them to continue to love the process of learning. Being engaged as a learner is a given here. Having worked in the independent school world for over thirty years, I say with confidence that our teachers are truly extraordinary. It is an honor to be working with such a group of dedicated professionals. All of us look forward to welcoming you to our learning community. 

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Heronfield Academy
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