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Riley is a uniquely structured school which respects and trusts the integrity of the child as a learner. Riley offers children wide opportunities to meet academic challenges and assume leadership roles. The 20-acre campus has 4 classroom buildings and includes a theatre and  pottery shed, and  a 12,000-volume library. Riley’s natural surroundings provide a creative and environmental educational experience which nurtures and encourages the healthy intellectual, social, physical and emotional needs of the individual. Based on the cognitive developmental theories of Jean Piaget, the curriculum allows children to gain an understanding of all academic areas and challenges them to be independent creative thinkers. Programming arranged from introductory to advanced levels permits children to progress at their own rate without comparison or grades and to pursue academic areas of particular interest. Art, Photography, Theatre and Music and Spanish  offer students opportunities for self-expression, communication and confidence.

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Riley School
PO Box 159
Rockport, ME 04856

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Rebecca Clapp
Head of School